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What is a digital position readout?

A digital position readout (DRO) is an electronic measuring device comprising a sensor and display that can be fitted to a wide range of machine tools. The DRO is completely independent of the existing calibrated feed-screw dials. Because of this, any wear or backlash in the feed-screw or nut does not affect positioning.

Equally important is the fact that the position is displayed via bright LED digits, so banishing the problem of reading tiny or worn feed-screw dial calibration markings. You can even read the display in subdued lighting, unlike the reflective LCD displays on vernier callipers.

But a digital readout can give you much more than just an easily read position. It is a flexible accessory that will quickly become indispensable. For a gentle introduction to what a DRO can help you achieve in your workshop, please read Using a digital readout.

This website describes the DROs designed and manufactured by BW Electronics, from the ever popular Micro Position Sensors to the modular 300 series of DROs that includes remote displays and different sensors which can be 'mixed and matched' to produce the readout most fitted to your requirements.

Digital position readouts have uses beyond the machine workshop. They can be (and are being) used in a variety of situations where linear or rotary measurement is required. For more details of these applications -- or to discuss your own measurement requirements -- please contact BW Electronics.

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